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Have a Parking Ticket?

Parking Tickets can be paid online via the link below. Thank you for complying with the DE Turf Parking Policy.

DE Turf has partnered with Park Mobile to ensure that this process is smooth and easy to do. Park Mobile is a commonly used pay-to-park system that you will see in major cities and even at our famous Delaware Beaches.

Secure your Space in Advance

Purchase a parking pass up to two weeks before your event HERE


  1. Download Park Mobile App
  2. Type in DE Turf’s Zone # 46123
  3. Select payment option
  4. Pay

* Overnight parking is not permitted 

Other options on how to pay:

By Phone - If you do not have a smart phone, you may call in and pay using the following #: 877-727-5758

By Cash or Credit Card - For your convenience,  we will have 3 parking kiosks staffed with a representative to assist you with purchasing a parking pass on site. The kiosk's are located at Gates A, B, & C. Credit Card payments can be accepted at Gate B. 

We understand that during tournaments sometimes people are in rush. We want you to park first, get settled for the game and then pay. Don’t forget though! Parking enforcement will be made up to 3x per day. DE Turf staff will remind everyone to pay for parking before a round is made to see who has not paid.

Thank you for visiting the DE Turf, the East Coast’s Premier Sports Destination, and we hope that you enjoy your time here!


Please contact for any questions.

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